I make my soaps in small batches, using both the cold and hot process methods.  My soaps are made with skin-loving ingredients such as coconut milk, aloe gel and shea butter.  Since they are hand made and cut, the shape, size and maybe even color may vary a bit from batch to batch.

I offer a variety of soaps which include ALL NATURAL soaps which only contain premium essential oils and natural herbs or clays for color.  I also make soaps with no essential oils, no fragrance or artificial colors  for those of you whose skin or sense of smell is too sensitive; what I like to call my BARE BARS (some of my favorites).   

If you prefer FUN 'n FRAGRANT soaps, I make those too.  These soaps contain premium fragrance oils with vivid colors and pretty designs.  So there's a little something here for everyone. 

I also make a liquid soap that happens to be a great for washing your hair.


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